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“We're the Bizy Bizwiz Kidz – a group of ordinary school kids just like you –

who want to make a difference and raise funds for our school... although when you’re 11 years old it’s not always going to be easy! Watch and learn as we explore what ‘real world’ skills are needed, and discover how to do business ethically, effectively and successfully.”


The Bizy Bizwiz Kidz is an animated story-based education show that helps young children understand and appreciate the fundamental principles of the world of work, business and the economy. The focus is on raising the aspirations of young children, giving them a sense that ‘I could do that ! ’

Bizy Bizwiz Kids / STEPteam has Engaging relatable characters, promoting enterprise eduction. We see this as having huge potential in schools, it raises aspirations in young people, there is nobody out there doing it and we genuinely believe there should. The show is intended to be animated, but could possibly integrate live-action, or even be entirely live action.

STEPteam is a full working 2 day education course that can (and has been!) be successfully delivered and taught in schools.



Currently proposed as 

26 x 11 minute episodes of original animation

Target age 4 – 7

Entertaining education



Series Bible

x 26 synopses

x 9 original characters with artwork

Links to primary education pack



Currently proposed as target age 9 – 11

Primary education pack devised, produced and successfully piloted

Testimonial recommendation from The Prince’s Trust

Testimonials from headteachers

Designed to teach the fundamentals of business, engage the children in writing their own business plan and ultimately raise their aspirations



Teachers’ guide and workshop assets for primary education pack

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