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Buckle-up your jetpack and join our canine hero as he embarks on crazy comic adventures, protecting the strange and wonderful inhabitants of the Extraordinariverse from the mysterious and fearsome ‘Forces of Naughtiness.’ Introducing the animated laugh-out-loud comedy show featuring the mad-cap adventures of Captain Extraordinary.®


Hold on tight... it’s going to be... EXTRAORDINARY!


Currently proposed as 26 x 22 minute episodes of original animation

Target age 6 – 9

Laugh-out-loud animated comedy action adventure



Series Bible

x 1 completed script

x 25 synopses

x 35+ original characters with artwork

Extensive ‘world’ description and artwork

Captain Extraordinary UK trademarked* as a name

Captain Extraordinary UK trademarked* as a device

Animatic Trailer on YouTube, produced with script assistance from Richard Dinnick, voiceover assistance from Matthew Lewis, Beth Chalmers, Dan Starkey, and score by Andrew Edwards.

*Classes 9, 16, 25, 28, 42

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